Oh God be my everything, be my delight
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"Don’t go to church, be the church." …. No, you should actually do both.

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Wow I haven’t tumbl’d in such a long time! Hey tumblr people, how are you all?

At the foot of a skyscraper!
Nashville is DOPE
Love #memphis
Loved getting to hang with my little bro tonight!

If you love people, share Jesus with them.

I love this building. #memphis

shadowofthealmighty replied to your photo “Getting ready for the professional world.”

Looking sharp!

Thank You!!

Getting ready for the professional world.
My Memphis, again. #memphis
My city. I love Memphis so much! #memphis

Haven’t talked to you guys in forever. Come say hey! Even if you’ve never spoken with me.

I love getting to explain that my works are not a result of any goodness in me but the character of Christ within me. Redirect the glory to where it belongs.